as many of my projects, this one started as a joke, and it STILL is btw...

anyway, I like cooking, I LOOOOOOVE pixel (eh???), yes, photo, video, digital manipulation, editing... it is a personal way to express my twisted creativity as I haven't been good enough in drawings all my life...

one lazy sunday I had a go for a video recipe (Risotto Blue Cheese & Red Cabbage), nicknamed "Pilot" episode as we were still wandering where this thing could go...
here's the link to my blog entry:

RISOTTO, click here

and to the video on Youtube

The idea was fun (at least to me and my partner in crime Razzi) and at the next cooking session (Fettuccine Salmon Vodka) we had another go... I specially enjoyed the VODKA FIRE show during the cooking and the ORIGINAL waka-waka song at the end of the episode while the closing titles were running...
here's the blog link

FETTUCCINE, click here

and the video on Youtube

Practice makes perfect they say... and I agree! far from being perfect, the "show" was taking shape, I was getting more confident in front of the camera (so important!) and every new episode was better edited as well... 3rd Recipe was one of my all-time-favorite: PARMIGIANA DI MELANZANE (Eggplant Parmesan), a truly Neapolitan one! deeply rooted in my culture, background and upbringing, it is a winner that I exported (cooked for friends and hosts) almost everywhere I've been: UK, USA, Greece, Spain, France, Denmark, Thailand, Philippines and Italy... duh!
One of the inside joke was on Dean Martin Song "That's Amore" playing in the background at some point. The pixelled DUO were both singing in their minds "that's a MORAY"...

if you've been diving in Hin Daeng & Hin Muang in the last 2 years, you'd understand... anyway,
here's the link to this blog


and to the Youtube VIDEO

For the 4th Recipe the choice was on quick, super easy, super tasty, CHOCOLATE LOADED, Salame di Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami - you say salami, I say SALAME, you say poteto, I say potato...)
blog entry:
SALAME di CIOCCOLATO, click here

VIDEO Recipe on Youtube

I can now say that "BONKERS COOKING" is born... still underground project, still known by a super small bunch of people... yet BK is something... it has a pilot episode, 3 more recipes added, it has a NAME!!! Next step was the "theme", the teaser, the PROMO!!!
As a Tasmanian devil, my creativity went "bonkers" once again...
this is the COVER

and this is the link to the Youtube VIDEO! enjoy it!
with" LURVE", Papa & Razzi
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4th Recipe: Chocolate Salame!

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3rd Recipe: Eggplant Parmesan!!!

once more Papa & Razzi (Mr. Wetpixel & CameraGirl) are again in the kitchen messing around and cooking something really tasty: PARMIGIANA DI MELANZANE (Eggplant Parmesan)...

I can't tell you guys how much fun and how much good food I've been "forced" to eat lately...

here's the link of the video on youtube...


3rd Recipe VIDEO, click here!
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Bali-Komodo-Bali Part 5

ok guys, this is the 5th and last section of the photo report of an unforgettable trip, I might add a "dragons special" page and eventually a "Bali quick sightseeing" section as well...

sticking to the UW subject, here are some other few shots... enjoy!

lion fish! it used to be one of my favorite subjects, after countless picture of them I kind of lost interest (better say that I shifted my focus on other creatures)... this one was hovering on top of some hard coral (most probably hunting for a meal) and provided an excellent composition...

did I mention that the quantity and size of coral and sponges was overwhelming? check this barrel sponge and the countless long-arm feather stars on it!!!

another old friend from Lembeh and Sipadan: crocodile fish! this time I went for a close-up as the pattern in their eyes always fascinated me

I know what you're thinking! Come on, don't be shy and say it! Are you scared to fall into the cliche'? OK then, I'll help you out... Let's shout it together with a kiddy voice! ready? here we go: NEEEEEEEEEMOOOO!

soft coral... had not had the strobes, I would have gone for a no flash and ending up with the black silhouette against the sun burst. My 2 babies really made the difference during this trip!

Jaw fish in this area are similar to those in Borneo, they have yellow "eyebrows", hence they differ from those I see in Similan which have them dark.

Fallen Star...

shrimp colony on anemone

Indian Ocean Walkman another "so-ugly-it-becomes-beautiful" creature...

the yellow-ous pigtail-ous whipcoral-ous... :-D

and that's all folks! well, not really... but I am way too overloaded with pictures, projects, work and many other things that I cannot afford to spend anymore time on this... but hey, no worries! as prevoiusly mentioned, I'll do couple of entries on dragons and bali exploring... hence more Indonesian pictures to come!

for the moment being, check the links to the other 4 sections!

Part 1
Part 3
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Bali-Komodo-Bali Part 4

part 4 a.k.a. "Manta Enlightment" (whoaaaaaaaaaaah - celestial voices...)

Manta Alley: moderate to strong current, several Reef Mantas feeding and getting cleaned... technically this is another first for me as all the Manta rays I've seen so far were all Giant/Oceanic as opposed to these Reef ones... size is somewhat smaller and they don't have the "lump" on their back before the tail...

"Manta Enlightment" (whoaaaaaaaaaaah - celestial voices...)

Manta approaching...

Mantas, Black Manta, Manta, Manta, Mantaaaaaaaaaa!!!

"Manta Enlightment" (whoaaaaaaaaaaah - celestial voices...)

Self Enlightment... picture taken by Razzi, Editin and Posting by Papa

few pictures left from the super-selection (more than 800 pictures!), wil put them all in part 5

here's the link to it and to the other sections:


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Bali-Komodo-Bali Part 3

back to work, back to posting, back to feed my creature (my blog)...

let me extend the komodo trip gallery and description with some more photos...

"my frogfish", yes indeed: I found him! Funny to say that during this dive my buddy Razzi kept on finding and pointing to me several nudis... excellent for pictures, a bit frustrating as an experienced diver unable to find anything myself... as she was still on a pair of chomodoris bullochi (see part 2), I ventured away and stumbled in this yellow guy... pride saved... ;-)

some nudis, flatworm and mini seacucumber...

a very inquisitive squid, not shy at all, kept on hanging around us for quite sometimes...

a "curled sea whip" (dunno the name actually..)

Zebra Crab hitching a ride and protection on a Fire Sea Urchin

Another FIRST: Torpedo Ray! found by Razzi on a night dive, nice one!!!

ok, that's all for part 3

here the links to part 1, 2 and 4


part 4
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Bali-Komodo-Bali Part 2

here we go!

part 2 of my photo report of diving and exploring Bali-Komodo! given the copious amount of pictures, I guess that a part 3 will come as well... all pictures in one post would not be nice...

monster nudi! I will check the scientific name soon, for the moment being, enjoy the shoot!

sunsets, like in Thailand are difficult to catch as the clouds in the distance would screen the "sinking" into water effect... beams of light through the clouds are a the best I could get...

Clarks clownfish in pink anemone

snake eel peeking from the sand...

another old time favorite subject: squat lobster at the base of a long arm feather star, so tiny and so difficult to shoot!

This Eagle ray hanged around us for nearly 20 minutes! what a show!!!

sunrise over komodo islands, early wake up to go see the dragons in the park...

just some BIG lizards...

a bit of current in Cannibal Rock + a diver accidentally kicking with his fin a fire sea urchin + me being at the right time at the right spot = swimming fire urchin...

sea apple with gobi on it

Indonesian nudis favorite meal...

here some examples...

ok, part 2 is already big enough! see you soon for part 3 (and maybe 4, 5...)
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