here we go:

the lucky winners of the Suwan Palm X-mas draw Jim (14) and Ilona (12) from Sweden are our latest merman and mermaid!

as soon she was in the water, Ilona showed a great deal of confidence and remarkable aquatic skills

on the other hand, Jim took a little longer to feel at ease in the water...

here's Ilona again in her first outfit just 5 minutes after the start of the shooting session!

eventually Jim started enjoying the results I was showing them from the display of my camera and switched to a more confident attitude...

take 2: glamorous look and outfit for the young Ilona who (in my opinion) has a future in the model/fashion business, check her out!!!

take 2 for Jim: sporty look, "mean" face and a stunning result

brother and sister together, love this one!

Swedish teen Muay Thai underwater DJ... don't you see them everyday???

parents were delighted, kids had a lot of fun, I was very pleased with the final results...

stay tuned for more!

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Old VS Vintage VW

few months ago, while driving in Raway, I've noticed couple of old cars parked by the side of the main road. As I've always been facinated by old, vintage, rusty and/or abandoned cars and buildings, I made a mental note and decided to come back there with my camera.

The old Merc (will post it some time soon) was still there, the older VW was gone...

Few days ago I was passing by the same road and had my camera with me, the old VW reappeared! So this time I didn't miss the chance to snap few shots...

old rusty VW

front view

old VW front zoom


old VW, EURO4 standards???

time machine...

old VW, time machine

country style decor...

old VW with "country style" finishing touch

a completely different story for this VINTAGE old VW found in Khao Lak

VINTAGE VW for sale in Khao Lak

I'm seriously thinking to buy it...
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