buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation

Can a diving pool look like the Indian Ocean?
Well, judge for yourself...

under water photo orientation - diver silhouette

photo orientation wide angle close focus on artificial reef

Another service brought to the divers from your one and only UnderWater Paparazzi: buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation

Kompas Thailand, the Under Water Photography SPECIALISTS in Southern Thailand, has an artificial reef specifically designed to train divers into underwater photography.

For more info, check their website:

KOMPAS underwater-photography-academy

Tune up your photography skills, improve your buoyancy, learn how to get the most out of your camera!

This workshop takes half a day in the pool and saves you precious bottom time during your holiday dives. Practice makes perfect, dive with confidence and take stunning pictures rather than figuring out the setting of your camera!

Here's an example of a diver with his newly purchased Canon s95

under water photo orientation student practice

and after few hints from his guide (myself obviously), this is one of his best results from this angle. NOT BAD AT ALL!!!

under water photo orientation macro shot 

His girlfriend took the opportunity to practice too

under water photo orientation student practice 2

check her out! forget about the wall in the background, assume it's rock...!!!

under water photo orientation macro shot 2

Anyway, as I was saying at the beginning, this workshop is also about fine tuning your buoyancy for much harder shots. Quite challenging but do rewarding!

buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation 1

and his (inverted) result

buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation result 1

this is what anyone who wants to improve their diving skills needs!

buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation 2

Loads of fun plus lots of photography techniques explained and achieved in no time!

buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation shot 2
So, prior to your liveaboard, your daytrip, to refresh and improve your skills, to practice your new camera purchase or upgrade, dive into Kompas pool and and get ready for your holyday adventure!

buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation Kompas Pool

drop me a line at my address


or visit Kompas Web Site for more info or to book your "buoyancy clinic and under water photo orientation".

Kompas underwater photograpy academy

See you soon in the pool!
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MACRO Lens on Thai Muang (tin dredger) wreck

Finally I've picked my self birthday present: UN UNCU-02 x6 Close-up Lens for 67mm Thread on F. I. T M67 Mount Base DC28 for Canon WP-DC28 for my Canon G10.

Equipped with my 2 Sea & Sea YS27 DX external strobes, on March 16th 2011 my partner Kaye and I joined a longtail boat heading to the Thai Muang wreck (a.k.a. "Dodreco 103" or "Premchai 103") 30minutes ride off Khao Lak coast.

UnderWater Paparazzi and his tuned up camera

This wreck is an old tin dredger, one of the several (now disused and sunk) scatter around west the coast line of Thailand. There is one I know of in Bang Tao Bay (Phuket), a very famous one the "Boonsung" off the coast of Bang Sak beach (North of Khao Lak) and the "Premchai 103" off the coast of Thab Lamu (south of Khao Lak)

here's the GPS coordinates (linking to google map) and a 3D map realized by one of the DMT of the dive center hiring the longtail boat.


Thai Munag Wreck 3D Map

Local diving offers an amazing variety of marine life.
Accordingly, the choice between wide angle and macro is sometimes very hard.
Schools of Trevalleys and Yellowtail snapper obstract the view of the wreck at times.

snapper galore on Thai Muang Wreck

But before getting up close and personal with the wreck, on the sandy bottom (19-20m) NW off the dredger there is an enormous anemone with few fearless territorial Clarks Anemone Fish... and where there is this duo, there's almost always anothe subject making it a trio: Porcelain Anemone Crab.

UnderWater Paparazzi testing his new wet MACRO lens

The UN UNCU-02 x6 Close-up Lens has an impressive magnification power, yet the drawback is that it "kills" the auto focus option of my G10; accordingly, I had to manual (as is moving my hand back and forth) focus on my subject. The following picture shows how close I had to get...

UN UNCU-02 x6 Close-up Lens on Porcelain Anemone Crabs

Lots of patience and lots of hard work! But check out the results:

Porcelain Anemone Crabs BOKKEH

How about this close-up???

Porcelain Anemone Crab SUPER CLOSE UP

want more? Just follow us around it...

detail of "Premchai 103" or Thai Muang wreck 

on one of the edges I came across a Banded Boxer Shrimp, I went for full "fire power" and got him a super close mug shot!

Banded Boxer Shrimp SUPER CLOSE UP 

not enough? keep following us around the "Dodreco 103" or "Premchai 103" or the "Thai Muang Wreck! On the 45 degres sloping side of it we found a nice nudi "Chromodoris Anulata", it was facing up and therefore I had to modify my buoyancy and angle of shoot

Upside Down UnderWater Paparazzi Balancing on his pointer, things you do for a picture...!!!

 as mentioned, it was an anulata and I had to go "manual focus" on it...

UN UNCU-02 x6 Close-up Lens on Chromodoris Annulata

and here's the result:

Chromodoris Annulata with wet MACRO Lens on Canon G10 and dual Sea & Sea YS27DX Strobe set

This tin dredger is still in very good conditions after it was sunk, years of corrosion, tides and the rest did not affect it that much, you can still admire lots of etail of the structure. The CLAW is one of them

The Claw of the tin dredger, the Thai Muang Wreck

let us guide you to some more interesting details of this rusty platform...

another detail of the Thai Muang Wreck

anyway, going back from wide to macro, that's what was lying on the sand right next to it: a Chromodoris Kunei which was screaming for a close up portrait by the one and only UnderWater Paparazzi... ;-)

Chromodoris Kunei on Thai Muang Wreck

Pin Cushion Star Fish are common in South East Asia, and 9 out of 10 there is always a "guest": a tiny 3mm long Partner Shrimp, usually blending in with his dark red color matching that of the host

Partner Shrimp on Pin Cushion Star Fifh

WOW! That was a perfect site to test my MACRO lens, I can say I'm really happy of the purchase and of the local dive site too! Time for a safety stop and back on land to check the pictures and post this blog entry...

a very happy UnderWater Paparazzi with his "pimped" G10

next time?
Review of the Boonsung Wreck perhaps? most likely... ;-)

with love

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