Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures

Who would have thought?

Your one and only Under Water Paparazzi goes TECH!

Last January I did an UW shoot for PRO-TECH divers new website (coming soon) and in exchange I asked for some training rather than being paid.

In mid February I started a course of Advanced Nitrox

Advanced Nitrox Course goes hand in hand with Decompression Procedures Course

Together, theese 2 courses are 2 of the 3 steps required (Extended Range would be the missing one) to comfortably and safely dive the Blue Hole in Dahab and its famous "Archway" at a depth of  52to102m

WIKIPEDIA Blue_Hole_(Red_Sea)

So here I am in the classroom studying to get closer to my "diving goal"(maybe summer 2012?)...

DAY 2 (in the pool)
Nitrox 50%, MOD (Maximum Operating Depth) 21m

DAY 3 (training beach dives)
at Ao Sane Beach (Rawai- Phuket) for a beach dive with Twins and Stage Tank

Hard work: the equipment is sooooooo heavy!

getting wet!

S.T.A.R.T. check!

check, check, check, CHECK! ready to go!!!

end of the dive, let's go back on land for debriefing and lunch...

I can already smell the Chicken Cashew Nuts!

DAY 4 (3 boat dives @ 45m, 30m and 25m)
Chris, Adriano and Enrik waiting to splash into the abyss south of Racha Noi island

on the way up at around 15m of depth, I've bumped into an old friend/colleague Simon (dive instructor) who took a picture of me...

and that's all for now, as soon as I'll have budget and time I'll go for the 3rd step of Extended Range and I'll be ready for Dahab, The Blue Hole and its Arch!!!

Peace, Love and Nitrox!!!
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